Emission 388 avec Bruiteurs 3 (Pierre Henry) - A Better Engineered You (Jack Hertz) - Electronic Music (Bülent Arel) - Sine Music (A Swarm Of Butterfiles Encountered Over The Ocean) (Richard Maxfield) - Union Artificial (Ardleg) – 22h41-L'homme-ivre-cut (BBC) - Variations Didactiques [Extrait] (Yann Geslin) – Azmaca (Sanrensei) - Crowd of 60 people, mainly men, continuous indistinct speech after meeting in hall (BBC) - Temps X Reloaded (Discipline) - Department store _Printemps_ very busy atmosphere with electronic tills, footsteps and voices (BBC) et A Living Death (Mutate)
Bonne Ecoute

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