* TESTAMENT "Into the Pit"

* ALICE COOPER "Take it like a Woman/Only Women Bleed (live)

* GIRLSCHOOL "Staying Alive" (cover Bee Gees)


* TYKETTO "Nothing But Love" (new - live)

* CARCASS "Burnt to a Crisp"

* L'ESPRIT DU CLAN "Or Astral"


* MISANTHROPE "Galatia" (new)

* FURIES "Prince of the Middle East"

* HIGH GAIN "My Own Way"

* DREAMCATCHER "Mother Earth" (new)

* DEICIDE "Homage for Satan"

* MORBID ANGEL "Piles of Little Arms" (new)

* IMPALED NAZARENE "Cogito Ergo Sum"

* DEATH ANGEL "The Moth"

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