Cette émission est dédié à DAVID Z. (Adrenaline Mob) .

* ADRENALINE MOB "Indifferent'

* CRADLE OF FILTH "Malice through the Looking Glass"

* DEATH ANGEL "Prophecy"

* LUNATIC POWER "Heretic Games"


* SIDEBURN "Call me Doctor" (new)

* VICHY "Délation IV"



* MALKAVIAN "Ultimatum"

* DORO "Take no Prisoner""

* A.O.R (Frederic Slama) "From L.A to Paris (new)

* INHUMATE "It's Back"

* SEX PISTOLS / Steve Jones "Friggin' in the Riggin"

* NAPALM DEATH "The Code is red...Long live the Code"

* REX BROWN "Train Song"

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